Youth rooms

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*To be able to enjoy the promotion Back to school Noumobel (5% discount):

  • Ask for a budget for a children's or youth room. 
  •                 Specify the store of your choice.
  •                 Mention 5% discount. in the message.
  •                 Do it within the current term of the promotion. 


This 5% discount:

  • Starts on 09/04/2023 at 14:00 CEST
  • Ends 09/30/2023 at 20:00 CEST
  • Only applicable for furniture in children's or youth rooms
  • All other furniture that does not have to do with children's or youth rooms is excluded. 
  •                 The discount is for a single use, it will be applied to a single budget, it will not be applied to several budgets. 
  •         Other exceptions may apply, contact for more information.