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Modern youth rooms


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if you are looking for bedrooms modern youth for your home, at Noumobel you have the largest offer currently on the market. big proposals quality, at the best price and with the most practical designs, to be able to respond to all the needs that a teenage boy or girl has in their daily life.

It is made-to-measure furniture that can be composed according to your needs so that you do not have to sacrifice any of your ideas or spaces because it is not in the catalogue. Here we are manufacturers and that differentiates us from other competitive furniture brands. Above all in the knowledge of our products, but also in the price, since by eliminating the figure of the intermediary we avoid costs before reaching the final customer.

Every options

Modern youth rooms are mainly characterized by being very practical. There is no element that is exclusively decorative, but everything is used and everything has one or two purposes, depending on the case. So they are spaces where they spend many hours developing a wide variety of activities.

Another characteristic of modern rooms is that they must be prepared to carry out a multitude of activities inside. From studying to holding a work meeting, watching a movie on the computer or sleeping. Hence, spaces are being imposed in which the rooms are conceived as small apartments in which it is possible to find leisure space, work space and rest space perfectly differentiated from each other. Spaces that occupy different levels (generally the rest area is usually found higher, to promote the privacy of the person in the room) and that include elements as diverse as sofas, low shelves and storage areas next to the traditional beds and wardrobes that are usually present here in their remodeled versions.

Youth rooms for all tastes

At Noumobel we also know that these tastes are not always the same. And that among the youngest there are those who like more traditional furniture and those who seek minimalism; those who prefer more neutral colors and those who prefer contrasts. That is why we give you the possibility to tell us what your ideal room is like or even draw us a picture of it if you dare to do so. With all this information (and whatever you deem relevant) we will carry out a project in which we will shape your modern youth room. A proposal that we will send you a few days after receiving your information and with which we will guide you on the cost that it can reach. A budget and a project without commitment that you can adjust and modify so that you can have the modern youth room that you long for.

To get an idea of how we work at Noumobel, we invite you to visit our website. A very complete virtual space in which you will be able to find out all the details of numerous projects that we have already carried out for other clients who have already contacted us, or that we have conceived for our exhibitions in one of the three stores that we have in the province from Barcelona. Spaces open to the public where you can check our qualities and even order your projects directly. And where you will be attended by expert professionals in all types of furniture, both modern youth rooms and wardrobes, living rooms, bedrooms or any type of space in which you need to have quality custom-made furniture.

So, if you are looking for modern youth rooms, don't hesitate and come to Noumobel... you won't regret it!