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Custom made youth bedrooms


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Custom-made youth bedrooms have many advantages over other similar solutions that we can find on the market. And it is that the adolescent can choose the elements that will make up his room, the colors that they will have and the way in which he will use each one of them. Basic aspects for a space in the house where they will spend a lot of time studying, Resting, spending time (alone or with friends), etc.

At Noumobel we are trained to shape your needs in youth bedrooms because we are manufacturers. We do not act as intermediaries for other brands, other furniture creators; We make the furniture with the measurements you need, so that you can make the most of the space in which you find yourself. To get to know us, all you have to do is visit our website or visit one of our stores in Barcelona. Spaces in which you can request a visit without commitment to purchase and where the professionals who work in each of them will assist you without waiting and in a personalized way.

You can request this type of service in stores Noumobel Balmes, Noumobel Rosello Y Noumobel Gran Via Carles III.

Our experience in the sector

At Noumobel we have years of experience in creating custom-made youth bedrooms. Many of these works can be seen on our website, where we have a wide and rich gallery in which we share images of the work we have carried out so far. Proposals of different styles, for one or two people, with very different solutions to take advantage of the space, playing with the levels of the room and always having all those storage or work spaces that the client asks for. So that with all this we create personalized spaces, adjusted to each of the rooms, to each personality.

For all this to be possible, at Noumobel we are committed to direct communication between the client and the manufacturer. That is why we invite you to make us all the observations that you deem appropriate. You can do them directly or use the form that we have on our website. A direct communication instrument with which you can send us everything you consider appropriate, including sketches of the room, what you have imagined, etc. We will know how to interpret them and materialize them in a made-to-measure youth bedroom project that we will send you without obligation to the email account you provide us. To do this, you just have to register on our website. These data will only be used for our communication during the custom youth bedroom project, and not to send you advertising about our products or promotions. A commitment with which we want to show our empathy with all our customers.

The price that we provide you will include the transport of the furniture and its subsequent assembly. So you will not have to worry about anything in this regard.

To make it easier for you to carry out your projects, at Noumobel we have financing systems that will help you deal with the outlay that custom-made furniture always entails. and all of it no interest.

With the desire that you do not remain with any doubts, we will assist you at all times through different telephone numbers and in the form that we have for this purpose on the website.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can create custom-made youth bedrooms, do not hesitate and come to Noumobel. After knowing us you will not want another type of furniture.